Part-time jobs for international students

Want a bit of extra side income whilst you study in Perth – but not sure where to start? We know the feels! Job-hunting can be stressful. Minimal “industry experience” combined with an international visa can make it hard to get hired – but it’s certainly not impossible. 

We’ve done the hard yards for you and compiled a list of easy income-earners in Perth, so you can get some extra dollars in your pocket ASAP! Check them out below. 

Up in the AirTasker 

1. How AirTasker is not more popular – we’ll never know! This fantastic website offers a way to connect people who need help with a task with those who are willing to complete it.
Tasks vary from technical (designing a website) to basic (helping clear some old boxes away). Simply view the tasks listed in your area, make an offer and you’re on your way. 

Chillin’ with the children 

2. This might not be for everyone – but if you love kids, babysitting will be a breeze. The most obvious way to secure this type of work is to use your existing networks; talk to people you know! If they have kids, they’ll probably need childcare at some point and being a trustworthy friend or acquaintance will get you one foot in the door (pun intended!) 

Walk a dog, earn a wage 

3. Getting some fresh air, some light exercise and spending some time with cute doggos – what could be better? There are several online resources for dog walkers seeking work – or do it the old school way and put up some flyers on local noticeboards (just make sure you leave your contact details so they can get in touch!) 

Social media 

4. Many of us think of Facebook as a big timewaster. If you study in Western Australia, chances are you already use this platform for socializing with your overseas friends. But, it’s also become an incredibly useful to connect with people and businesses in your area.

Sign up to the Facebook group for your local suburb or community and it’s likely you’ll find a part-time job (or even a one-off gig) in no time. 

Get paid to party 

5. There’s a huge number of events and festivals across Perth happening over the summertime. If you can’t beat ‘em – join ‘em!

Whether you work on the door, on the bar or on the merchandise stall – there’s plenty of work to go around.

This type of work is incredibly flexible and, what’s more, many companies will often allow you to stay and enjoy the event after your shift is up. Earn a crust AND get to party afterwards – living the dream!

Keep this list handy and refer to it next time you’re needing some extra cash. If you’re still lost, speak to us – your go-to for all things related to your courses in Perth – and we can point you in the right direction.